Quick Grilled Vegetables

Last weekend Ben and I went up to my parents cabin. Everyone was having grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and whatever else you can fry on a grill. So we decided to do something a bit different. Last time we went to a barbecue we made ribs (see our rib recipe here) and they were really good, but we needed something faster and easier. We brought some of our favorite Italian sausages from Field Roast Grain Meat Co. (see their website here) and a collection of veggies. It was amazing, and so simple!

Roasted Veggies:

2 Bell peppers (we used one red and one yellow)
1 Large yellow onion
2 Large portabello mushrooms
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cut the bell peppers in half and remove the stem and ribs. Slice the onion into a few thick slices; 3-4 is best. Remove the stems from the mushrooms. Place all vegetables on a hot grill and baste with olive oil. When starting to get brown around the edges, flip over and char the other side. Do this a few times until vegetables are softened and charred to your liking. Salt and pepper as needed.


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