Home Made Bread (and Split Pea Soup)

Be warned: this recipe came from my mother. She has six children and cooks like she is a supplier for Costco. This recipe is quite large and makes four big loaves of bread. If you want to half or even quarter it, it may be a good idea. However, if you have a big enough bowl, I suggest making the whole thing. The bread will stay good frozen for probably about a month and defrosts well if you just let it sit out on the counter. In the photo you will see my split pea soup in the background, you can get the recipe here.

6 1/2 C Hot water
3/4 C Evaporated cane juice
3/4 C Unsweetened applesauce
5 tsp Salt
16-18 C Whole wheat flour
1/2 C Warm water
3 Packets yeast

Mix hot water, sugar, applesauce, salt, and 8 cups of flour in a large (I mean HUGE) bowl. Mix the warm water with the yeast in a separate container to proof (sprinkle a little sugar over the yeast to give it something to eat. If it starts to bubble and grow into something foamy looking its good to go. If nothing happens, you need new yeast). Add yeast mixture to dough. Add the remaining 8 – 10 cups flour to make a soft dough (it should be a little sticky). Place dough in bowl and cover with a cloth. Let raise 1 hour. Split dough into four equal pieces. Put in four greased loaf pans and let raise again 30 minutes. Bake at 350 for at least 45 minutes.

Recipe idea thanks to:
My Mom


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