Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah

Vertical Diner in Salt Lake is one of my favorite vegan restaurants. They have been named the second best vegetarian restaurant in Utah by a local newspaper’s annual Best of Utah competition, second only to Sage’s Cafe. The funny thing is Vertical Diner and Sage’s Cafe are both run by Chef Ian Brandt so they are quite similar except for their menus. BUT I’m not writing about Sage’s (though I will later).

Vertical Diner has an array of greasy vegan diner food. To start off, they have a variety of tasty appetizers, malts, milkshakes, etc. They have sub sandwiches (including really tasty meatball and jerk seitan chicken subs), burritos, and 2-3 raw food options (including a great raw pad thai salad). My favorite thing on their menu are their large entree plates and their combo choices. Their entree plates are MASSIVE, as in a ton of food, and usually center around deep fried seitan fingers, pancakes, various potato dishes, and a tofu scramble. Ah, diner food….

So when Ben and I were there the other day, Ben got a combo plate with all of his favorite things and I tried the jerk seitan chicken burrito. Last time we were there I got the jerk seitan chicken tacos and they were really good, so I decided to go with the burrito.

Here is Ben’s plate:

Hashbrowns, biscuits with gravy, deep fried seitan chicken skewer, and sausage patty. The gravy at Vertical is FABULOUS and works on everything. Whenever I get something with gravy I practically smother my food in it.

Here is what I got:

Jerk seitan chicken burrito with red sauce and sour cream and a lovely salad with cilantro lime dressing. I really like the jerk seitan because it is kind of sweet. Here is my burrito all opened up:

Black beans and rice. Mmm. And then of course we had to get dessert. Most of their desserts center around ice cream but they also have a shoofly molasses cake that is very, very good. Ben and I decided to try the peanut butter brownie ice cream sundae, which is fine. Not as good as the shoofly cake though! Overall, I would give vertical a 5/5 stars. I just love their greasy diner food.

Though their website doesn’t have all of their menu options it is worth a gander –


3 thoughts on “Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. My husband goes to SLC for work sometimes and eats at Sage's, but hasn't been to Vertcal Diner yet. I'm so envious and hope to go with him sometime! The food looks great!

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