Ching Vegan Thanksgiving

Yesterday I bought my tickets to the Ching Vegan Thanksgiving! Ching Farm Rescue is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary founded in 1998 by Faith and Mike Ching. They have bunnies, chickens, cows, donkeys, emus, sheep, geese, goats, horses, llamas, ostriches, and pigs! And they are constantly hosting events to raise funds for the many animals they care for and just to raise awareness. They host things like cooking classes, 5K/10Ks, and fun meals. Recently they hosted an all-you-can eat vegan pancake breakfast, and every year they host two large vegan meals—Valentines and Thanksgiving.

Ben and I with some friends at Vegan Valentines 2010

Last year, Ben and I attended the 2nd annual vegan Valentines dinner and it was FABULOUS! They served a lovely seven-course vegan meal with the choice between two appetizers and there was a violinist and a tango performance; all-in-all it was a perfect evening. We even got a goodie bag to take home with lotion, bath salts, vegan chocolates, and other assorted things.

That is why I am SO exited to go to Thanksgiving! This will be my first Ching Thanksgiving but I am sure it will be a blast. For those of you who live in Utah, you should definitely attend! The food is sure to be amazing and it is for a great cause. I have included the flier below, but make sure you check out Ching’s website and facebook.


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