Dog Food!

It is been one whole week of Vegan MOFO and this is my sixth post. I decided to take Sundays off so that I don’t run out of things to talk about 🙂 For today I want to talk about vegan…dog food! My dog, Molly, is probably 99% vegan (when she stays at my parents house she often gets fed non-vegan treats).

Molly is a miniature Australian Shepherd. Her vet calls her a ‘micro-mini’ because she is tiny, even for a mini. She weighs eight pounds and is about a foot tall. I adopted her from an Australian Shepherd rescue nearly four years ago and she is an absolute doll.

Molly! My love.

I feed molly dry food from AvoDerm. They offer a ‘vegetarian’ dog food which is, in fact, vegan. The food is 18% protein from all-plant sources including rice, barley, and soy. They also offer a wet vegan food if your dog is picky. Molly loves AvoDerm dog food, has plenty of energy, and is extremely healthy. Check out their website here:

Molly and I having cuddle time.

For treats, Molly likes Zuke’s Peanut Butter ‘n Berryz Mini Bakes. They are vegan, and small enough to use as a training treat. Check them out here:

Molly and Ben playing the guitar.

She also likes Halo Pets’ Peanut ‘n Pumpkin Liv-a-Littles Healthsome dog biscuits. They are almost too big for her, but they are great when I want her to stay still for a little while. Check them out here:

Halo is also where I buy my cat food. Unfortunatley, it is nearly impossible for cats to be vegan. When I say nearly I mean that your cat will not die in the first day; that being said, it is very hard on cats to be vegan and their health will deteriorate rapidly. I like Halo because they don’t use animal by-products and they take a holistic approach to pet health. I am on the lookout for a comparable food that is made with free-range meats, or from a company that has ethical practices about where they get their meat… but I have had a hard time. It is quite a dilemma, having cats.

Anyway… enough about cat food. I think this post is a great excuse to share some pictures of my lovely dog. I might have overdone it…but come on! Who doesn’t love pictures of dogs?

Ben, Molly, and I in Fairview.
Molly hiking.
More of Molly hiking.
Molly being cute.
Ben and Molly being awesome.

4 thoughts on “Dog Food!

  1. Love it! I've been getting around to doing a post about how I love my kitties but hate that they're carnivores. It's sad-making. But your cute doggy is happy-making!

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