Vegan Food on Campus: Jamba Juice

As some of you know, Ben and I are students at Utah Valley University (UVU) in northern Utah. Being a vegan in Utah can sometimes be tough. While there are a few vegan restaurants in Salt Lake, the closest city to us at about 50 minutes away, you have to be a bit creative sometimes if you want to eat out. This issue is compounded when you are a student. Being stuck on campus for 8+ hours a day a lot of the time means that you either have to tote a massive lunch bag (I have a mini cooler for this purpose) or scrounge up whatever you can possibly find.

I hope to do a series of posts about what I eat when I am stuck on campus without food to help other UVU vegans (and wannabe vegans!) to know what their options are.

First stop: Jamba Juice. Luckily in the last year or so a privately owned Jamba Juice was allowed on campus, so there are a lot more healthful food choices. All of Jamba Juice’s ‘All Fruit Smoothies’ are vegan, and they are super tasty! Just fruit, and fruit juice. Yum. But they also have small meals you can purchase that are vegan. Check out their organic teas, coffee and coffee blends, and my favorite—tea lattes! In the picture you can see my Original Spiced Chai latte with soy milk and an apple cinnamon pretzel. They even have a chocolate chai latte! Another thing I get a lot is the acai topper, which is acai and some other fruits blended with soymilk topped with granola and sliced banana. It is a perfect little meal.

Check out the link below for the list of vegan menu items Jamba Juice has available. It takes out all the guesswork! 4/5 stars for being convenient and for having a few vegan options other than smoothies 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vegan Food on Campus: Jamba Juice

  1. The Perfect Foods Bars (if they are the ones I am thinking of) aren't vegan; all of them contain either whey powder, milk powder, or dried whole egg powder. Unless you are talking about a different meal bar.Here is a link to the ingredients of each meal bar: used to think they were vegan (it's a meal bar and looks so healthy!) but I was surprised to find out they weren't a bit ago.

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