Rice King in Provo, Utah

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had THE LONGEST day. I will post Sunday to make up for it.

But back to my long and extremely stressful day(s). It all starts on Thursday with proofreading the 157 page manuscript that will be the latest issue of the literary magazine I work on, Touchstones, while eating Chinese food at Rice King in Provo. More on Rice King in a second.  After proofreading at Rice King Ben and I returned home to continue proofreading early into the morning.

Now onto Friday (yesterday). I went to work at 9 as usual and got panicked calls from Ben and Scott (the magazine’s advisor) who needed desperate help getting the journal ready to turn in to the printers at 4:30. So I rushed to the school from work and worked my brains out without food or water for nearly six hours :p UG. The journal finally made it in around 4:45 and I was a big shaky red-faced mess.

The nights was salvaged, however, by my long-time best friend, Jessica, taking me to Sage’s Cafe in Salt Lake and then to the movie 127 hours. I will write about our tasty food from Sage’s tomorrow! But we didn’t get back home until nearly 1 pm so I didn’t get a chance to write this blog post about Rice King.

Now to the food. Rice King is this great authentic Chinese food place in downtown Provo (about 25 m away from where I live). What is the best thing about them is they have an all-vegetarian (mostly vegan) menu! They have all of their same dishes made with very well done seitan, so you never have to feel bummed about not being able to have sesame chicken…or orange chicken… mmmm.

I was feeling vegetables that day so I ended up getting Buddha’s Feast which is basically just stir fried veggies:

 Ben got the Curry Chicken Soy for the first time. It was fabulous, with yellow curry and their amazing seitan:

Some of my other favorite dishes there are the General Chicken Soy, Pepper Beef Soy, and Beef and Broccoli Soy. 5/5 stars for having a whole vegan menu with options out of the usual.


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