Cali’s Natural Foods

On Monday Ben and I went up to Cali’s Natural Foods to pick up some gravy for Thanksgiving. Cali’s is a vegetarian (basically vegan) grocery/warehouse-type store that sells local, organic food in Salt Lake City. Cali’s stocks Vertical Diner and Sage’s Cafe, and also sells some of their specialty dishes. Cali’s teaches cooking classes and hosts other community events.

For Thanksgiving, Cali’s offered small meal packages for $25 and big meal packages for $50. They also offered all the items in the meal package a la carte. The gravy in the package is the same gravy they have on their dishes at Vertical Diner, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is rich, cheesy, and just delicious. Though Ben and I could have thrown together some gravy we opted for spending $10 on 32 oz of gravy. I am super stoked.

Also at Cali’s we bought some full-fat soy flour for the seitan roast beef we are making for tomorrow, some sloppy joe mix, local yukon gold potatoes for mashed potatoes, coffee beans, and tofutti cream cheese for our pumpkin cheesecake. Though we just picked up a few items, Cali’s has an awesome local produce section. BUT they are known for their massive bulk section. Everything you could possibly want to cook with, they have it in bulk.

Just part of the bulk section – to the left there are a few more isles.
Baked goods and other ready-made foods at the front counter.
Random assortments of awesome products.

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