Last day of Vegan MOFO

Today is the last day of Vegan MOFO. In the month of November, I blogged 28 times (including today) for a total of only two slacker days. I am actually kind of surprised at how few days I missed! I am a bit sad that I didn’t try more exotic or fancy recipes during the month and that a lot of my posts were of restaurant and product reviews. But with school and everything, what can you expect? I definitely plan on doing Vegan MOFO again next year, and my life will be different then. I will be graduated and (hopefully) situated in an ‘adult’ life with more time for myself and for cooking!

One of the highlights of Vegan MOFO was when my roll recipe was mentioned on the Vegan MOFO blog in this post. I know it was only my name and not even a picture but I was super excited! It made me wish I had put a little more effort into the pictures of those rolls… oh well. Next year I will try for a picture too šŸ™‚


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