Vegan Food on Campus: La Esquina

Finals week means eating on campus. It also means frantically typing as fast as possible for days on end, but that is beside the point. If you go to UVU and are looking for bank-for-your-buck food, go to La Esquina. It may not be the cheapest food around, but it definitely has quantity on its side. Located in the food court, La Esquina has staple foods like tortillas, beans, and rice, and they also have a ton of yummy vegan-friendly toppings that you can put together any way you like and they will come up with a way to charge you for it. What we have below is called an ‘open veggie burrito’ by some of their cashiers and a ‘salad’ by others. Depending on which cashier you get it will range you from just under $3 to around $5.50. Either way, its pretty cheap for how much freaking food you get.

Here is my favorite. Tortilla in the tin with half black beans and half refried (they’re vegetarian!), white rice (they don’t have brown), green sauce, a ton of lettuce, yellow onions, salsa, guacamole (top right), and olives. You can also get little tortilla chip strips, lime juice, and chopped tomatoes. One of these tins is right around 10″ in diameter and is filled to the brim with food. If you can get it all down in one sitting, it can basically function as lunch AND dinner. Or you can do what I do and eat half at lunch, and half at dinner.

Downside to La Esquina? They close at 2. Which really sucks if you are on campus in the evening. But the food is awesome and filling and the staff is super nice. Probably a 3/5 for having one good dish in the middle of a non-vegan campus.


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