Jedi Juice (aka Green Smoothie)

This green smoothie is actually something that has been passed down with the generations. When I was young my mom called it ‘Jedi juice,’ and my brothers and sisters and I pretty much thought it would give us the force. This was before episodes 1-3 people — I’m talking about the original trilogy. Though now I know it won’t give me the force, I still drink it almost every day. Jedi juice, I love you. You are so simple, healthful, and tasty. Below is my (my mom’s) recipe for two big servings of Jedi juice.

2 Bananas
1/3 C Orange juice concentrate
2-3 C Water
Enough fresh spinach, kale, or collards to fill up the blender (don’t worry, it will liquidize and become a lot smaller)

Since Ben and I drink Jedi juice every day, we have to keep the ingredients handy. One was to do this is to keep a stockpile of bananas and spinach frozen at all times (this is also something my mom taught me to do). To freeze bananas, you will want to peel them all, cut them into around 4 chunks and lay them out on a baking sheet. Freeze them until they are completely frozen and then you can dump them into a plastic bag together. The reason you lay them out is so that when you throw them all in the bag together they don’t stick. If you throw raw bananas in a bag together they get all stuck and impossible to pry apart.

To freeze spinach, I usually just buy a pre-washed, pre-cut 3 lb bag from Costco and throw it directly into the freezer. Then when you want spinach in your smoothie you can just grab a bunch of the little frozen leaves. I do the same thing with kale and collards. You can buy a 1 lb bag of pre-washed pre-cut kale or collards from Sunflower around her and I just throw it in the freezer. Super easy!


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