Sage’s Brunch in Salt Lake City, Utah

Yesterday, Ben and I treated ourself to a mid-finals week brunch at Sage’s Cafe (see my other post about Sage’s here). We desperately needed it. Those of you still in school know how it is. The rest of you can probably remember. But brunch at Sage’s followed by grocery shopping at Whole Foods immediately dispelled any kind of finals week anxiety or tension.

Here is what I got:

A nice little side salad and super fabulously tasty hash browns with an ENORMOUS seared veggie, tofu, and pesto filled whole wheat crêpe. It was amazing, really. The hash browns were amazing but the crêpe filling was my favorite part. Carrots, tofu, big slices of portobello mushrooms, a few green bell pepper slices, and yummy (perfectly oily) pesto. Ah I was in heaven. AND I ate the whole thing. It was fabulous.

Here is what Ben got:

This is the current seasonal special at Sage’s and is equally as fabulous as my dish. Fluffy pancakes with walnuts and beautiful apple slices and a side of maple syrup. He also got a side of tofu scramble (top right) which he regretted afterward because the pancakes were so massive. Seriously, they were probably ten inches in diameter. I only got a few bites of these so I can’t rage about it like my meal, but they were really, really good. 5/5 stars!


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