Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day

Ben working on goodie boxes

 For Christmas this year Ben and I took it easy. All of Christmas Eve day we worked on the Christmas goodie boxes we gave as gifts. We worked on the boxes until pretty late and fell asleep without much ceremony.

Molly wearing a tape crown on Christmas
The cute PJs my mom made us

We woke up early on Christmas and put together a goodie box for my parents, then ran over to their house to jump on the phone call with my brother Austin and watch the little kids open presents. My brother Austin is currently on an LDS mission in Guatemala and only gets to call two or three times a year for a few hours.

Holding the phone, talking to Austin

He called around 9:30 am and we opened the gift box he sent us while on the phone. As seen in the picture above, I got a Guatemalan beaded necklace đŸ™‚ Molly was, of course, present. After the phone call Ben and I watched my four little brothers and sisters and two cousins, who live with my parents, open presents. We hung out at my parents house all day and has Christmas dinner with them. My family’s Christmas dinner consisted of  meat and some non-vegan side dishes, so Ben and I threw together some mashed potatoes with olive oil and a nice salad with avocado and pepperoncini peppers.

Cutting veggies for sandwiches

On Boxing Day (Sunday) Ben and I went to Ben’s mom’s house to hang out with a few of his siblings. We brought them all goodie boxes and had a fun watching them open them and taste everything inside. Ben’s mom made us veggie sandwiches and a coconut black bean soup for dinner. After dinner Ben’s sister Emily and her boyfriend, Colin, took us to see Black Swan, which I missed out on seeing with my friends last week because I was sick. It was really good!


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