Taco Salad

I haven’t posted in over six days and now I’m on a posting spree! I have like ten posts with pictures saved as drafts that I just need to write and get out there… so, here we go.

If you read my blog diligently you will know one of my goals is to eat a salad every day and to make it creative! Well, last week’s salad was taco salad. My mom used to make taco salad all the time and I decided it would be fun to veganize it 🙂 The results were fantastic! I thought it tasted EXACTLY the same as my mom’s taco salad. What I love about taco salad is it is much more filling than a traditional salad and has a bunch of added nutrients.

The recipe is not exact, just toss however much of the ingredients you think looks good.

Tomatoes, diced
Daiya cheddar cheese (or vegan cheese of your choice)
Seitan (see my seitan recipe here—but I used different seasonings than in this recipe, they are listed below)
Onion, diced
Vegan thousand island dressing (I used Organicville)
Kidney beans, pre-cooked
Tortilla chips
Italian seasoning
Granulated garlic

Place onion in a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Grind the seitan and then add to the onion once it is starting to become soft. Stir in spices listed in the quantities you desire and depending on how big the salad you are making is (use less salt than you would normally because the tortilla chips will add salt to the salad and you don’t want it to be too salty). Once you have mixed in all of the spices to the seitan and onions, remove the mixture from the heat and let cool completely.

To prepare the salad, toss the seitan/onion mixture with the lettuce, tomatoes, Daiya and kidney beans. Crush up some tortilla chips into bite-sized pieces and mix those in as well. Toss the salad with thousand island.

Recipe thanks to:
My mom


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