Exercise Goals: Week 5

My yoga mat in our tiny yoga space in our room

This past week was a tough one. I think both Ben and I took on more than we could handle as far as general stuff to do AND our exercise goals.

Ok, so my exercise goals weren’t that tough. I think for me it was just taking on more STUFF than I couldn’t handle. I did my c25k intervals this week and even spent two hours at the gym one day this week! (One hour on the treadmill, one with free weights and stretching.) I also had someone tell me that I looked like I had lost weight this week (awesome!) and my sz. 12 pants are fitting quite loosely, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Ben’s exercise goals were a bit over the top. While he did awesome on eating 3,000 calories a day, lifting weights 5 days a week nearly killed him. He ended up only lifting 4 days this week but I honestly don’t think he could have or should have done even one more day. On Thursday he went to the gym with my coworker, Jay, who busted his butt for a good two hours.

We only did yoga 6/7 days, which I think is pretty good. Our days were so crazy this week we didn’t really have time to do yoga, so we ended up doing it right before bed at like 11 or even 12. This means we hardly got enough sleep everyday which made getting up and working out the next morning even harder. Ben and I have decided that yoga every day, even just for 20 minutes, just doesn’t fit into our lifestyle right now. It became more of a stress this week than a relaxing, mind body connection. I think we are going to try to do yoga still, but maybe just a couple days a week and not every single day.

So, while we didn’t technically meet all of our goals this week, we gave ourselves an A for effort. Yesterday we took a friend of ours out to City Cakes and had our treat of the week.

Meggie: C25k three days this week. Strength training two days.

Ben: Lift weights three days this week and go to the gym again with Jay on Thursday. Do cardio two days. Eat 3,000 calories a day.

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