New Things in Our Lives

Well, lots of things have been happening lately (manifesting itself on our blog as a lack of posts). The biggest of all of these things is Ben and my engagement. We have been talking wedding for a few months now, but finally got around to buying my ring in the beginning of January. We officially announced our engagement last week when my ring came in the mail. My ring (right) is absolutely lovely. I picked it out and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. It was made by a small jeweler in Brooklyn, NY called St. Kilda and is made from recycled gold and diamonds. Beautiful! We ordered Ben’s ring a few days ago and hope to get it in the mail soon. It is equally as beautiful, and also handcrafted!

Our next big news is that I was offered a full-time position at my current job! I have been an intern at Symantec since June and am now going to work there full-time. I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in just a few months so a real job is pretty exciting news  for us 🙂 Friday Ben and I had a celebratory meal of fancy homemade spaghetti sauce with whole wheat noodles and garlic bread (below). We topped it all off with some rosé champagne and watched The Man Who Knew Too Little.

In other, less exciting news, we got a new coffee table. Ben’s sister Emily and her boyfriend Colin gave us a gift card to Ikea for Christmas we finally got around to spending it a few weeks ago. Voila! Coffee table for the living room!


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