Cappuccino Cupcakes

Last week for our treat Ben and I decided to make cupcakes. We picked the Cappuccino Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World which are supposed to be filled with espresso cream and then frosted. Unfortunately, we never got that far, so the picture below is just the cupcake part. The reason we never got that far is because we realized that we didn’t like the cupcakes once we made them. The ground espresso in the cupcakes made both Ben and I feel sick. Ben tried eating them over the course of last week but I ended up having to throw away two of the twelve anyway.

I’m really not sure why our tummies didn’t agree with these. Ben drinks coffee every day so he really shouldn’t have been upset by them…and though I don’t really drink coffee because it makes me too hyper I was surprised by how badly my body reacted to these.

So last week we really didn’t get a yummy weekly treat. Hence my Uncle Eddie’s cookie overload last Monday. Yesterday Ben and I decided to stick with the tradition of Sunday brownies and we were both very satisfied 🙂


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