Vegan Valentine’s Treats to Benefit Ching Sanctuary

Last year for Valentine’s Day Ben and I attended the Ching Sanctuary annual Valentine’s dinner. This year, for unknown reasons, Ching decided not to hold their annual dinner. Ben and I were pretty disappointed for a number of reasons. 1 because we consider the Ching dinners (Valentine’s and Thanksgiving) our monetary support to the sanctuary for the year, and 2 because it meant we had to think up something to DO for Valentine’s Day.

Luckily both of our problems were solved. We thought of an awesome dinner to make for Valentine’s Day (post to come!) and we were able to donate to Ching in another way!

Local animal lovers Alyssa and Danielle (who I had never met before) spent two full days baking and cooking treats to sell as a fundraiser for Ching. When I picked up my little treat box, they had already raised over $500! Awesome!

I actually didn’t get any pictures of the treat box that we got because we ate them all on the car ride home, but I stole some pictures from my friends who got boxes too. We got the ‘Mixed Emotions Package’ which contained two peanut butter cups, two ‘Rolos’, one orange flavored chocolate filled with orange cream, one ‘Cadbury Egg,’ one cordial cherry, and one raspberry truffle.

Breana’s Cookie Bag (left) and Chocolate Box (right)
A Vegan ‘Rolo’ just like the one we got in our box
Inside the ‘Rolo’
A Chocolate Mousse Filled Square like the one we got in our box

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