Wedding Stuff Falling Into Place

I know I haven’t written much wedding stuff since I announced Ben and my engagement a few months ago, but a bunch of stuff has fallen into place since then! Below is a rundown of things that we are doing, things we have bought, and decisions we have made.

Our official wedding date is July 8, 2011. We have decided to have a family-only (and close family friend) ceremony due to the location (as described below). The following day, July 9, we are planning on having a large reception for everyone.

After much searching, we decided to go with a location that was under our noses the entire time. Before I was born, my grandparents purchased a plot of land in the Manti-La Sal forest above Fairview, Utah. As I grew up we built a large lodge on the property and I have been going there ever since. The lodge and the surrounding land is very special and nostalgic for me, and both Ben and I are super excited to have our wedding there. Our reception location is currently unknown.

I don’t have many good pictures of the lodge, so I just grabbed the few I have. More to come!

Ben, Molly, and I on the deck of the lodge. We are thinking of having the ceremony in that small flat spot right in front of the deck overlooking the ponds below.
The lodge in the fall

Wedding Party
Since we wanted our wedding will be small, we are going with a small wedding party. My little sister, Rachel, is going to be my bridesmaid. Ben’s big brother, Josh, is going to be his best man.

Ben and I have both chosen and purchased our rings. Mine arrived a few weeks after I bought it, but since Ben’s is made to order it wont come for another few weeks. Even though our rings don’t match, we both love them and think they suit us well. Mine is everything I have ever wanted in a ring. Ben was really set on having either a wood ring or a wood inlaid ring, and we found one that was just lovely (below). My ring is from Catbird who retailed if from the jeweler, St. Kilda. Ben’s is from the Etsy shop Minter and Richter Designs.

Meggie ring
Ben ring

As of yesterday I found the dress that I want! I am absolutely in love. I have been ordering dresses online for a few months now and returning them with no luck. Though I had an appointment set up with David’s Bridal for this morning, I ordered this dress from ModCloth anyway and it came in the mail yesterday. I tried it on for Ben and my parents and they all loved it, but we still wanted to go to David’s. BUT going to David’s only confirmed how much I love this dress. It is definitely the one. Vintage, lace, flattering to my body shape, everything.

Thus far I have only bought one accessory, and that is my headband/halo. I have decided I am just going to wear my hair down for the wedding and will wear it wrapped around my head (as in picture #2). I bought it from the Etsy shop Mignonne Handmade.

The halo in the color I bought, ivory
The halo from another view in another color

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