Vegan Breaded ‘Shrimp’

A couple weeks ago Ben and I were at Whole Foods and saw a few vegan ‘seafood’ products we had never seen before. We decided to purchase one of each and try them out just for the heck of it. The products are made by Sophie’s Kitchen and are made with non-GMO ingredients and, unlike many faux ‘meat’ products, actually have decent ingredients. The breading is even a multigrain blend! I love it when manufacturers actually care what is in their products 🙂

The first product from Sophie’s Kitchen we tried was the vegan breaded ‘shrimp.’ Not knowing what we should put it in/on (neither of us have really ever eaten shrimp before…) we decided to top off a bowl of spaghetti with a few broiled pieces. At first bite the breading was a bit soggy and the ‘shrimp’ part was weirdly chewy. Creepily, the little ‘shrimps’ even had little orange spots (see below). I think this is for a realistic affect, but it was just kind of creepy to me.

We fed one of the ‘shrimps’ to Ben’s omnivorous brother, Josh, who said that the texture was a little too chewy but similar to that of a shrimp. Who knew? I’m pretty sure I will never buy these again because I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Ben and I were also not huge fans of the weird chewy/springy texture.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Breaded ‘Shrimp’

  1. Hehe, bummer about that texture but that's a cute description. Maybe they would have been good in a ricey paella dish? Or scrambled tofu?I used to love shrimp as an omni but they eventually started to really creep me out as well. For that reason I don't buy fake foods like this…

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