Shangri-La Tea and Vegetarian Cafe in Boise, Idaho

The first stop on our spring break road trip was at Shangri-La Tea, Vegetarian Cafe, and Herbal Remedies in Boise, Idaho. We stopped for lunch on our long drive to Portland and spent a few hours just chilling and drinking tea before getting back on the road. The atmosphere of the cafe was relaxing and perfect for a relaxing lunch. The front of the cafe was a small shop with tintures, loose leaf teas, herbal medicines, prayer flags, tea sets, etc. I loved all of the art on the walls too 🙂 The menu was all vegetarian with many vegan and some raw options.

Ben ordered a mango bubble tea and a curry wrap, which was yummy. The tortillas was warm and the yellow potato tofu curry was perfectly flavored.

I ordered palace pu-erh tea and a mock toona sandwich served with a tabbouleh side salad. The sandwich was on toasted sesame seed encrusted bread and had avocados, sprouts, tomatoes, and spinach along with the ‘toona.’ The tabbouleh was very fresh and light. It had fresh parsely, chives, scallions, tomatoes, and chickpeas.

We also got cheesy zesty kale chips as an appetizer. They were fabulous! We loved the cheesy taste and they had the perfect amount of heat.

Overall, all of the food was very fresh and well seasoned. on the down side, the service was very slow and it took FOREVER to get our food. There were also no vegan desserts on the menu, which was disappointing. I would give it a 3/5.

Ben’s drink
My tea
Kale chips
Ben’s curry wrap
A cool wood statue outside of the cafe
The outside of the cafe

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