Spring Break Road Trip

Finally I get to post about our trip! As soon as we got home we both got thrown back into the craziness of every day life, so it has taken a bit for me to get this post up. I have already posted a few of the restaurant reviews that I need to post from the trip, but I literally have nine more reviews to write :p

Anyway, just in case you didn’t read my first post about the trip, Ben and I took a five-day (which turned into a six-day) road trip along the west coast last week. We ate in a ton of vegan restaurants and did very vegan-y things the whole time, and we loved every minute of it.

Below (and above) are some photos of Portland’s Japanese Gardens. They were so beautiful. I can’t even describe how amazing and peaceful they were. Though it was pouring rain, Ben and I walked around them for a good four hours soaking up their beauty. The 5.5 acre Japanese ‘Garden’ is actually five different garden styles: the Flat Garden, Strolling Pond Garden, Tea Garden, Natural Garden, and Sand and Stone Garden. Ben and my favorite was the Natural Garden, followed by the Stone Garden.

While In Portland, Ben and I also visited the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. These were also beautiful, but I think we both like the natural feel of the Japanese Gardens better. Below are some pictures of the Chinese Gardens. While in the Chinese Gardens we went into the tea house. The company inside the tea house is the Tao of Tea, which has a few other locations. A review of this is to come, but it was awesome!

I know I look pregnant in this picture. I was so cold and rainy I borrowed Ben’s coat and it was massive on me.

And, of course, since it was a road trip we did LOTS of driving. Below are some pictures of our adventures along the coast.

A very tired Ben
The many conditions of our drive

So after a long, relaxing, eventful trip we started our drive home early Sunday morning. The entire drive Ben had heard a sort of grinding in his front wheel well but we called our mechanic back home and they said it was probably fine and just to get it checked out when we got back. However, only thirty minutes into our drive home the car began to shake and pull really hard to the left so Ben could hardly steer straight. We knew something was really wrong, so we turned around and went back to Becky and Shane’s (Ben’s sister and her husband’s) house where we had been staying. I will save you a description of our long, stressful day and just say that we found out it was the CV joint, we found a CV joint at a local auto store (mind you this was a Sunday!), convinced a friend with a garage shop to install it, and thus fixed the car. Above you can see the huge rip in our CV joint that was causing all the trouble! BUT! This wasn’t the end. By the time we had all of this worked out it was 8 pm and I had to be at work at 8 am the next morning. Ben and I decided we were going to drive through the night to get there on time. So we packed up and then decided to check the weather–only to find that I-80 through the pass before Reno was closed due to weather. SO we gave up. We left the next morning and got home safely after a grueling fourteen hour drive through snow, rain, and wind.


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