Tao of Tea in Portland, Oregon

Man, it has been over a week since Ben and I got back from our spring vacation and I STILL haven’t written all of the posts about the lovely food we ate! I don’t think I have even written half of them! So, today I am going to try and bust a few out during my lunch break. Eating be damned! I need to blog!

So, after we went to the Homegrown Smoker for lunch, Ben and I went to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens (which were AMAZING! see more pictures in this post). Inside the gardens, there is a two level tea house. And inside the tea house is the Tao of Tea . The Tao of Tea is a tea house dedicated to sharing a love of tea and the philosophy of tea. There are a few different locations across Oregon, one of which is Oregon’s first tea house!

So after walking around the Chinese gardens for a few hours (in the pouring rain, again) we decided to warm up in the tea house. We each ordered a Gaiwan of organic white earl grey tea. Earl grey is one of my favorite types of tea, so I thought a white earl grey sounded fascinating! and I wasn’t let down. It is hard to explain a white earl grey tea if you have never had black earl grey tea…but it had all the earl grey part, and none of the black tea part. You know what I’m saying?

I was also in love with how fresh the tea leaves looked. Once they were in the water they just puffed right up and looked as if they had just been plucked from a plant (see below)! I wish Ben and I could have tried every kind of tea they have. Overall, I would give it a big 5/5. Their tea selection is unbeatable and the service was great. I loved the atmosphere and, of course, the tea!

Tea leaves
Table decoration
Teaware selection
Teas in big containers

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