Vegan Mini Mall in Portland, Oregon

While in Portland, Ben and I knew we needed to stop by the one and only vegan mini mall. The vegan mini mall is a strip mall with four vegan stores: Herbivore Clothing Company, Food Fight Grocery, Scapegoat Tattoo, and Sweet Pea Baking Company.

Ben and I both felt really gross after walking around for so long in the rain without the right clothes and we didn’t even go into the tattoo shop (though I dream of getting a tattoo there!). So our first stop was Food Fight Grocery. We thought there were going to be all kinds of things that we couldn’t get in Utah, so I was fully prepared to drop a wad of cash. But, as we started walking around, we realized that almost everything there we could get back home in Utah! We we so happy to know we weren’t missing out on awesome vegan foods. There were of course some locally made things we can’t get, but for the most part we were surprised by how much stuff we have up here. The few things we don’t have, we bought:

Nacho mom’s vegan queso
New flavors of primal vegan jerky strips
Sjaak’s chocolate bars
Sjaak’s chocolates

After Food Fight, we went into Herbivore. Though I already buy stuff from them online, it was cool to see stuff in the store. This was my first visit to an all-vegan clothing store! So fun 🙂 I bought their koala Herbivore Portland shire (below).

After Herbivore, we headed into Sweet Pea. We were kind of on our way to dinner, so we didn’t get much. We just wanted to try what they had. So, Ben got a coffee and we ordered a coffee cake to share. I was definitely impressed. Ben and I tried making coffee cake once and it failed miserably–so this perfectly sweet, crumbly-topped lovely was amazing. Ben liked the coffee too 🙂

Coffee cake
Inside the shop

In the end, I still wish we had a vegan mini mall in Utah. Though 90% of the things we got there we can get at home, it is just awesome to know that everyone within a block is either vegan or vegan-friendly.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Mini Mall in Portland, Oregon

  1. They have the nacho moms queso at Whole Foods in SLC and a Good Earth up there too. They also have Primals at Whole Foods and Sunflower. Just an FYI you don't have to travel 14 hours to get it 🙂

  2. Kat: I know! It's awesome!Kaycee: I had no idea about the nacho mom's queso! I did know they have Primals, but I have never seen the two flavors we just picked up.

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