Ben’s Birthday

Tuesday was Ben’s 27th birthday. Ben usually isn’t in to birthdays, but I wanted to make this one especially awesome.

So, the night before on my way home from class I dropped by Good Earth and got fixings to make blueberry waffles for breakfast. I told Ben I had a surprise for him so that he wouldn’t be suspecting MORE surprises or a surprise in the evening. So, I brought him breakfast in bed and it was nice and all that and he was happy. I went to work at the usual time and told Ben that I had a meeting at 4 and didn’t know when I would make it home to make him dinner and that we would probably have to go get the ingredients for the fajitas when I got back, etc.

Lie! I actually left work at 2 and drove up to Salt Lake to run a million errands. First, I stopped by Whole Foods to get the fixings for the seitan fajitas he wanted for dinner. Then I went to City Cakes where I picked up a pre-ordered six-inch red velvet and cream cheese frosting cake. Ben had told me a few weeks in advance that he would like one for his birthday, but I let him think I forgot all about it–muahaha. After THAT I went by GameStop and picked up Starcraft II, then to REI to pick up a mini Nalegene (he has been wanting one), and brand new hiking shoes for both of us (I know, I know, whose birthday IS it? But can you honestly go hiking alone?).

On my way home, I called Ben and told him I had just gotten off of work. I also told him that I had something for him and that he had to stay upstairs until I brought it in. I set up all his presents on the couch and then called him down and he loved it 🙂 Success!

My tortilla-less fajita
Mini slices!

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