Re-Review of Mountain West Burrito in Provo, Utah

As soon as I heard Mountain West Burrito was serving Daiya and Sour Supreme on their burritos, I started craving it. Unfortunatley I was in Ithaca, New York at the time and suffered through a very long five days craving MWB. When I got back on Sunday they were closed and I had to wait until Monday night to get down there and get some burritos. Finally, Monday night came and Ben and I raced down there to try it out.

By way of a back story, Ben and I reviewed MWB about a month ago and gave it a 3/5. At the very end of my post, I said “BUT that being said, their vegan options are lacking something… I’m wondering if just a touch of Daiya would do the trick :)” A few days later, the MWB Facebook group posted my review on their wall and then a few weeks later, TADA! Daiya. Now I’m not saying it was all my doing ;), but I do have to say I probably had a good build up of karma to get that one. I was actually pretty impressed that they cared to post my review on their wall. They post every review (that they know of) from the many bloggers across Utah Valley on their wall, which I think is amazing. A restaurant that actually CARES what people are saying about it? Can it be? Then I heard they were introducing Daiya and it just blew my mind. A restaurant that not only cares, but is willing to make changes to make their customers happy? Whoa. I am also in love with the owner, Joe. He is an awesome, friendly, nearly vegan guy who recognizes you when you walk in. How cool is that?

Anyway, enough about the restaurant. Now to the food. MWB was already doing pretty good before they added vegan condiments. Fresh, local, veggie-heavy food is always on my go-to list. But now it just has that little kick that it needed. A little Daiya for the guilt factor and for the flavor, a little Sour Supreme for the creaminess a burrito deserves, all topped off with their yummy salsa, I am sold.

I will now re-rate MWB and give it an emphatic 5/5. I know that may seem high for a non-vegan joint, but I am seriously a customer for life. Not only has the food won me over, but the attention from Joe to the vegan community and our needs really blew me out of the water. Thanks, Joe!


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