San Francisco Japantown Incense Haul

Ben and I LOVE incense. We are probably incense snobs, honestly. So every time we got to San Francisco we have to stop by Japantown, to our favorite incense shop, where the guys know who we are. We usually spend around $100 on incense for the year, though this year we were good and only spent around $90. To those of you who don’t understand incense, that may seem extreme, but good incense is expensive! One good thing about spending that much, though, is you always get a ton of samples to take home too. (Though, apparently, now the incense shop is selling their incense online. This may save us a yearly trip to SF.)

So, here is our haul of incense for the year: Zuiun Aloeswood, Shiragiku Alosewood, Kouboku Senshu Sandalwood, Elemense Earth (a guilty pleasure), Fu-in Sandalwood (an all time favorite), Wakya Sandalwood and Cinnamon (new favorite, burning as I type), and Kinkaku Golden Pavilion. We also got that large package (in the bottom left corner) for free; it is a tester pack from Awaji Island Koh-shi.

Below are some pictures of the Peace Pagoda in the center of the mall.


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