Viva Taqueria and Cantina in Ithaca, New York

One night for dinner in Ithaca we decided to go downtown and find a restaurant to eat. After about an hour of searching for somewhere that looked halfway decent, we decided on Viva Taqueria and Cantina, ‘fresh, healthy Mexican food.’ I figured if they advertised as healthy I could at least find some re-fried beans or something. Lucky, they actually had vegan options right on their menu!

I got the tofu burrito. The tofu had been marinated in a cumin tomato vinaigrette and then mixed with re-friend beans and rice inside of a tortilla. I got some kind of special sauce on top too, but I can’t remember what it was… Anyway, on the side there was coleslaw (weird…) and some lime soaked veggies (called escabeche?) that I didn’t eat and couldn’t see why they were supposed to be appetizing. The coleslaw was good mixed in with the burrito filling, but seemed kind of strange in a Mexican restaurant (maybe I’m naive).

In the end I would give it a 3/5. Vegan options (basically the burrito minus cheese and sour cream plus tofu), but I was disappointed with the sides to my burrito and the fact that the guacamole wasn’t vegan. The burrito also wasn’t amazing.


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