Raw Food Disaster

Second day of raw is not going so well. I haven’t ‘cheated’ on my diet, but I’m wondering if that isn’t a good thing.

Let me give you some background. I always kind of get sick when I eat a nut-heavy meal or dessert. They just sit really heavy with me for some reason. But, I always figured my body just wasn’t used to it and that if I did it full-time I would feel fine.

I have also tried to go raw once before. After a few days I just felt starved, sick, and under-nourished. So, I gave into my strongest temptations and ate a Daiya grilled cheese sandwich and immediately felt better. I was resolved that next time I would be more dedicated and not give into my temptations.

For the last couple weeks, I have been about 60% raw. I wanted to ease into it. Some of the things I ate didn’t agree with me so I would make Ben finish them off (such a sweetie) and I would try something new the next day. I just figured I needed to find recipes that I liked since, honestly, not everyone can like everything. Last week I actually had a pretty disastrous day after I ate a raw tomato soup that sent me reeling and kept me bed-ridden for the rest of the day, downing tums and trying not to barf everywhere.

Here is where I get to my predicament: these last two days I have felt absolutely awful. Yesterday I blamed my flu-like symptoms in the morning on my workout, but I think part of it was the raw pudding I had for breakfast, because this morning I felt the same way (just a bit less severe) and I hadn’t worked out yet. I didn’t want to eat anything I could eat but would force myself to because I was so hungry and then would regret it. By the end of yesterday I was in bed feeling gross and starved, but managed to fall asleep.

This morning I woke up feeling decent (though sore), and had the pudding incident. YUCK. No good. I went for quite a while without eating because I just felt to damn gross, but then hunger pushed me to make a creamy portobello bisque. Bad, bad, bad idea. I had the same reaction as the tomato soup about a week ago. On the first bite I felt sick but forced myself to eat more and about ten bites in knew it was a bad idea. I put the soup in the fridge, but felt vomitus and have been battling a sort of indigestion/flu-thing ever since. I feel absolutely terrible and don’t want to eat anything. Tums don’t help and drinking water seems to make it worse.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. Raw foods seem to not be good for me. I have no idea what is it, or if I am coming at raw food the wrong way? I’m not having cravings really, I just feel terrible. I feel under-nourished, constantly hungry, and often sick to my stomach. It’s just so strange because normally I feel satisfied and well-nourished. I RARELY get sick from food and always thought I basically had a stomach of steel. Eating stuff that I didn’t want to never bothers me and I can usually choke about anything down. Oh, also, I am suddenly breaking out like crazy. This is also extremely unusual for me as my skin is normally very clear.

Raw food people–HELP! What am I doing wrong? Should I give up raw food and say it’s not for me? Should I just try to eat different things????


One thought on “Raw Food Disaster

  1. Hey Meggie, I was raw for nine months in 2009 and it did work for me, but any nut-heavy diet needs to be accompanied by digestive enzymes. I would get sick when I'd eat raw brown rice meals as well.Personally–I think the ideal diet is 75% raw. That way you're getting all the nutrients out of the food, but you're able to accompany it with cooked things as well. When I was raw most of my food was either dehydrated or in smoothie format (that's how I'd down all my greens). The dehydrated things are easier to digest (do you sprout your nuts? it makes them a billion times easier to digest). Sprouting your nuts and seeds is so important when you're raw, and the nutrient value triples.

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