Raw Diet Update

First off, thanks everyone for your advice a few days ago when I had my raw food disaster. I decided to return to about 60% raw and have been feeling just fine.

I also talked with Merilynn, Ben’s mom who is a raw foodie, and had her analyze my diet. I told her what I had been eating, read her the ingredients to the recipes I had been making, etc. She was shocked by the large amounts of olive oil in Ani Phyo’s recipes that I had been making, and determined that the culprit was a combination of way too much oil, too much raw garlic (just because it’s hard to digest, especially with that much oil), and too many nuts.

So, I am 60% raw again but plan to go 100% tomorrow after I go food shopping today. I am going to take my focus off of nuts and oily raw recipes and eat mostly raw vegetables and fruits, which I should have been doing in the first place! Merilynn even sent me some of her own recipes so I can use those, and I am going to look through my other raw books to find recipes that I think will keep me feeling good 🙂


3 thoughts on “Raw Diet Update

  1. When Ani Phyo's recipes call for nuts AND oil, i usually replace the oil with water, but I've never though raw foodist should have nuts making up half or more of their diet. Nuts should be eaten in moderation. I've see a lot of people sprouting beans and quinoa lately…nom.

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