Seabirds Truck in Salt Lake City, Utah

Everyone! Go to the Seabirds Truck in Salt Lake today!!! We want to keep them in the running AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, sharing the word about good vegan food!

Today the Seabirds Truck will be in front of the SLC Public Library at 210 E 400 S until 5 pm. GO! Stop reading this post! Get your ass up there!

For those of you who don’t know what is going on, the Seabirds Truck is a vegan food truck competing in the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. They need to make as much money as possible to stay in the running each week, so local vegans should go and support!

Yesterday, Ben, my parents, and I went up to Salt Lake to buy our first wedding present (read all about it here) and to stop by the Seabirds Truck. We stopped by around 3 pm and the line was SO LONG. We started talking to people in line, and after talking to the girl who was at the front of the line we found out she had been there for THREE HOURS. We were like effff no. So, we went pottery shopping and then came back around 5. The line had died down to a mere four or five people, but unfortunately the menu had also died down to one option. Ben and I both ordered the last thing on the menu–the Beer Battered Avocado Taco–and were very happy with it. My dad had a bite and also thought it was fabulous.

The taco was basically a corn tortilla wrapped around a battered and fried avocado wedge topped with shredded cabbage, red onion, and their creamy jalapeno sauce. SO GOOD! The only crappy thing about it was two teeny tacos was $8. 8 FREAKING DOLLARS. I consoled my wallet by telling it that it was for a good cause. But still, I was shocked. I’m sure their prices are way more reasonable when they aren’t trying to compete on TV. I’m not going to rank the Seabirds Truck because I know they are totally out of their element, on the road, and under a lot of pressure. I’m just going to say the food was awesome.

After our little snack we decided to drop by City Cakes (our favorite vegan bakery) to fill ourselves up. My parents had never been there, so it was a great ending to a fun day.


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