I forgot the slog that comes after about two weeks of working out really hard and controlling what you eat.

For me, I just start to feel really tired. Because I am working out so hard, I wake up every morning to sore muscles in a different part of my body. I limp around all day, favoring my sore muscles, just to wake up and have a new muscle (often muscles) sore the next day, and then repeat the cycle all over again the day after that. But after about a week the lactic acid buildup isn’t the problem–its the overall muscle fatigue. Typing is hard, lifting up my water bottle is hard, laying down is hard. I just feel tired all day and all of my muscles feel like they ran a marathon. My legs are so tired from being worked every day that going up and down the stairs is such a chore. I feel like I need to sleep ten hours a night just to recover.

All of that probably wouldn’t be so bad if I could salve it with some french fries and ketchup, a Daiya grilled cheese sandwich…or maybe even an Amy’s freezer pizza. But no, I get to eat vegetable after vegetable. Nut after nut. Fruit after fruit. Nothing tasty, nothing fun, nothing satisfying. I am DEFINITELY an emotional eater, so keeping my diet strong when I feel as exhausted (and justified!) as I do is probably the hardest part.

Yesterday I was like three minutes away from Mountain West Burrito. I was soooo tempted…but I didn’t. And everyday I have to drive by Winger’s (they have the BEST steak-cut fries in the world), but I haven’t caved yet!

So, I’m pretty proud of myself. I think a lot of my motivation isn’t even being in shape for the wedding. It’s just that this is what I want so much, and I have wanted it for so long, that now when I have the opportunity to make it happen I can’t let myself fail.

Oh oh oh! And I forgot the best part! On the first day (almost two weeks ago) I weighed in at 142.6. Today I weighed in at 141.0. WHAAA???!!!! I hope its not just water or blood weight or something and that I am actually loosing some of that pesky fat. I am going to take measurements again on Monday and see.


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