Exercise Goals: Week 19

Again, we did awesome this week. We didn’t actually meet the goals we set last week, but I think we were super active and really kicked our own asses. I honestly don’t think we could/should have done anything different.

I worked out at the gym four days this week for AT LEAST an hour (averaging around an hour and fifteen minutes). Two times with my trainer lifting weights, once doing my trainer’s workout by myself, and once just a treadmill/sprinting workout. I could have done one more day at the gym lifting, but I think our hike (below) was an awesome workout and I wouldn’t have traded a day in the gym for it.

Ben also spent four days at the gym this week. He lifted three times and did a treadmill workout once. He could have done one more lift day, but I think he would say the same thing about trading a day in the gym for our lovely hike. He also didn’t do any of the ab workouts this week. He has learned that his previous plan to do the ab workout when he gets home from the gym isn’t practical, and he either needs to do it before or memorize it and do it at the gym. He has been making up his own routines with a mixture of lifts from Robert Cheeke’s book and bodybuilding.com.

For our fifth ‘workout’ Ben and I went on a pretty tough hike on Saturday with our friend, Tyson (picture above). We hiked for about 2 1/2 hours and it was definitely challenging. See more pictures in this post.

As far as our eating, I think we did pretty good this week. I did way better with my raw eating and am really finding my groove. Ben is learning how to meet his calorie requirements everyday and is doing awesome. Yesterday we did have a little cheat session. We convinced Josh to bring us a veggie burrito from MWB to split. I know! Naughty! But we felt so justified after our long hike… anyway. We did try and make it healthier though. We got guacamole instead of Daiya and Sour Supreme and only put salsa on top. Plus, we split a burrito so that made it even better. But then that night was a friend’s birthday party, and I have to admit I splurged a little. I had some greasy tortilla chips and a slice of pesto Daiya pizza on a white crust AND I had a bite of macaroni and cheese with white noodles. Ben had an entire bowl of mac and cheese, a slice of pizza, some chips, and some pretzels. But it’s not as big a deal for Ben as he is trying to eat a ton of calories anyway. Though they weren’t really optimal calories… Anyway, today we are going to my mom’s house and making dinner for her. We will probably have some of that too, and I’m not worried about it. We did so awesome this week I think three meals (two yesterday and one today) out of our 21 meals a week isn’t too bad. I mean, that’s still 85% good!

My goals for next week are just to keep my momentum going. I want to try and get to the gym for an hour five days next week. Though, admittedly, it may be tough. My new boss is going to be in town and I am spending the week in the office with him. We will see if that affects my working out in the mornings. Of course, I want to be as raw as possible–at least 80%.

Ben’s goals are to workout five days this week and increase the weight he is lifting.

Exercise Goals: Week 18


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