Mother’s Day

I know, this post is super late.

For Mother’s Day Ben and I made my mom lasagna and garlic bread. My dad finished off the meal with a salad, steamed broccoli, and a carrot cake for dessert (everything vegan, of course!). The cake doubled as my sister’s birthday cake because Sunday was her eighteenth birthday. My brother (who is on an LDS mission in Guatemala) got to call on Mother’s Day (this will be the second time we have talked to him this year) so overall it was quite an eventful day.

First, the food. Ben and I made a veggie lasagna with Daiya and a cashew Parmesan. It was AMAZING. I went back for seconds, Ben went back for thirds, and my dad probably ate an entire pan full. It was a huge success. The garlic bread we made was also amazing. Ben and I had grabbed a baguette form the Elaine Boulangerie in Provo, so it was that much better.

One of the pans of lasagna

 For dessert, my dad made Ben’s mom’s carrot cake recipe with cream cheese frosting (vegan!). It turned out amazing, and I devoured my piece.

Anyway, since it was Mother’s Day I figure I should put a picture of me and my mom. I couldn’t find one of just the two of us, but here is one with all the girls in my family. My sister, who turned eighteen on Mother’s Day, is the one on the far right. I think you can probably pick my mom and I out.

Here are Ben and I and all my brothers and sisters (except my brother in Guatemala) with the birthday cake.

And here is Rachel blowing out her candles!


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