Dutch Oven Cook-Off!

So, a few months back I signed up for the Dutch Oven Cook-Off my work is hosting this Friday. After that I kind of forgot about it until a few days ago when I got a reminder email–and now I am kind of regretting my initial bravery.

A vegan at a dutch oven cook-off? How out of place can you be? Dutch oven cooking is the land of steak and potatoes people, hunters, etc. (And, of course, 7-up cobblers. Can’t forget those.) What made me so brazen as to think I could possibly get anyone to even TRY my pot pie? (Oh yeah, I am making this AMAZING vegan pot pie.) I mean, I have completely given up on winning since every tester only gets ONE vote and I am pretty sure it’s not going to be mine. Not that it’s not going to be AMAZING, but I think most people will be like “yeah, this would be great with a little (some kind of dead flesh) in it.”

Anyway, I’m not backing out now. Dutch oven cook-off, here I come. Coming to rid the world of prejudice against vegan food and it’s tastiness and stereotypes about dutch oven cookers. Wish me luck everyone!


2 thoughts on “Dutch Oven Cook-Off!

  1. When we went camping in the past..we made peach cobbler in the dutch oven and bury it in the dirt to sit for hours to "cook"! not sure how to veganize it..havent made it since I have become Vegan..but it had to do with a box of white cake mix..canned peaches, and a bottle of mountain dew or 7 up…just a thought if you could find a vegan thing like that to woo them over =P

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