Exercise Goals: Week 20

Sooooo last week was pretty tough. Mostly because Ben and I both slacked off on our eating goals. I ate a bunch of non-raw things (including like ten of Ben’s mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies) and Ben fell back into his eating too little food rut.

As far as working out goes, I think we did alright. I made it to the gym 4 times, but only two of those times did I do my weight training exercises (when I was with my trainer). On Sunday Ben and I did the P90X 20 minute ab workout and then went on a walk with Molly for an hour and a half (see pictures), but I wouldn’t really count that as a workout. Ben only made it to the gym three times and then did the ab workout and walk on Sunday… So basically we both slacked off.

The good news is it can’t have been THAT bad for me because I still lost a pound last week. that means three pounds total! I credit this to making it 90% of the way to my goal, even if I didn’t go all the way. But! That doesn’t mean I get to slack again this week!

My goals are to work out 5 days this week IN THE GYM and be active the sixth day. I also want to get my eating habits back in order.

Ben’s goal is also to work out in the gym 5 days this week.


Exercise Goals: Week 19


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