Spice Grill in Provo, Utah

Restaurant reviewwww! Haven’t done one of these in a while since Ben and I have been on such a tight budget. Weddings are expensive, man! But I just had to show Ben and Josh Spice Grill in Provo. I went there the other day for a work lunch and fell in love. I was super skeptical at first because the place specializes in ‘Indian fusion’–basically everything from burgers, to fish and chips, tacos and burritos, cordon bleu, fancy sandwiches, and Indian food. I was like “that place sounds like a recipe for food poisoning.”


 BUUTTT I called in and they knew what veganism was and said they had a few things on their menu I could eat, so I figured it was worth a shot to find a new vegan-friendly restaurant. I ordered the Aloo Tikki Chole sans yogurt and was pleasantly surprised! Basically the dish is two deep fried potato and pea patties covered with chickpea curry and fresh carrots, tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro. The potatoes and super flavorful and the curry is absolutely perfect on top.

Inside the shop

So, Ben, Josh (Ben’s brother), and I went there yesterday to try it. Ben loved the curry too and Josh loved his (non-vegan) sampler platter thing. We will definitely have to go again and try the other vegan things on their menu!


One thought on “Spice Grill in Provo, Utah

  1. I actually LOVE this place. I always fill up on super yummy and exotic faire. Their veggie burger is my favorite. It's totally different than your average veggie burger taste, with Indian spices and all (they even have an award on the wall for best veggie burger in Utah). Their other dishes are cool as well … lots of interesting items that you don't find at the standard Indian restaurant in Utah.Plus, we enjoy laughing at the cheesy *in a non-dairy sense* Bollywood movies they have playing on the wall!

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