Raw Coconut Yogurt

I absolutely LOVE this raw yogurt. It has the same consistency and oh so close to the same taste of any almond or soy yogurt out there. If young coconuts weren’t so freaking expensive here ($4.99/each!) I would probably eat this every day. Alas, I can only have it as an occasional treat.

The meat of 2 young coconuts (click here to see how to open a young coconut–and don’t you dare waste the coconut water!)
Fresh lime juice, to taste
Raw agave, to taste
Coconut water to desired consistency (depends on the firmness of the coconut meat)

Place coconut meat in a blender or food processor. Blend, adding water if necessary to get it moving. Add lime and agave until the pudding reaches the desired taste, and then more water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Note: To make sure you keep the pudding raw, you will need to take breaks between blend cycles. Blenders/food processors can heat up really fast if you run them continuously and thus heat up your food. 

Recipe thanks to:
Merilynn, Ben’s mom


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