Treadmill Interval Routine

In conjunction with the weight loss meal plan I posted yesterday, I thought I would post an exercise routine I do 2-3 days a week. I do this treadmill routine on the days when I don’t lift weights as a sort of rest day for my muscles.

Warm up: 10 minutes walking
Stretch: 3-5 minutes
Intervals: Sprint for 30 seconds (I usually sprint at 6-7 mph) and then recover your heart rate to a good zone (146-150 bpm for me). Do this as many times as you can in 10 minutes, but make sure you recover between each sprint!
Extended jog: Jog with your at the high end of your zone (166-170 bpm for me) for 10-20 minutes.
Optional extended walk/jog: Keep your heart rate at the low end of your zone for 1-2 hours (for me this is between 120-150 bpm)
Cool down: 10 minutes walking
Stretch: 5-10 minutes


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