Exercise Goals: Weeks 20, 21, 22, & 23

Wow, I didn’t realize it had been FOUR WEEKS since my last exercise goals post. For some reason I just keep forgetting or not feeling like writing one. I think it’s because there really isn’t much to report.

Actually, there is one thing, my personal trainer up and moved to TEXAS. So I’m on my own again, and kind of doing good. Not I haven’t been working out, because I have, but I just lack that extra umph that I think really gets you where you want to go. Suddenly my job has been usurping time at an alarming speed (thirteen hour days, anyone?), but I’ve been able to hold a steady five day a week workout routine. I have also been completely faithful to my weight loss meal plan as designed by my personal trainer before he left–besides my weekly treat for meeting my exercise goals.

Not that I’m doing as good as I would like. I wanted this summer to be the kind of summer where you dedicate your life to getting fit. Like working out twice a day, doing active things on your off days, etc. Buuuuttt between my job and wedding planning that just hasn’t happened. Maybe that’s why I haven’t written–because even though I am working out five days a week and eating right I’m really not meeting the goals I planned for myself all through the winter.

Anyway, booring life stuff. I am definitely motivated and going to keep on my five day a week workout routine and eating habits. I think I am losing weight (VERY SLOWLY) because my pants are suddenly not fitting right even after getting out of the dryer. I am going to try and not let work control my life so much and remember all my aspirations.


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