National Coney Island Express in the Detroit, Michigan airport

My first stop on my trip to Rochester was a layover in the Detroit airport. In my researching for vegan options at the airport, I found out that it was ranked #1 by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PRCM) for low-fat, high-fiber, and cholesterol-free
vegetarian entrées in their 2009 Airport Food Review. 54/54 of their restaurants have at least one entrée that meets the PRCM qualifications!

Anyway, so I was pretty excited to poke around and see what they had. Last time I was in the Detroit airport I opted for some really expensive veggie sushi so I wanted to see if I could find something a with a little more bang for my buck. I ended up going to the National Coney Island Express because it was right across from my arrival gate. I ordered the cold vegetarian wrap after talking with the cashier for a few minutes (I think it was like $8?) and then carried it across the airport to my departure gate to eat it.

The veggie wrap consisted of a TON of ice burg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, julienne carrots and cucumbers, and hummus. It was a little bland, but I liked that I could get my veggies in (something that is usually tough when traveling). It came with a little blue berry muffin which I unfortunately had to throw away and a little thing of pasta salad which was (according to the man I talk to) vegan. The pasta salad was pretty good, just spiral pasta noodles, onions, and celery with a oil and vinegar type sauce on it. Overall, I thought the meal was satisfying and much better than the meager fries I would have probably been able to get in a lot of other restaurants. I know that the National Coney Island Express also has a warm vegetarian wrap that I will have to order next time I am in the Detroit airport. Overall, I would give it a 3/5 for being an airport place that has some decent options–even if they aren’t that amazing.


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