Natural Oasis Cafe in Rochester, New York

For lunch on my second day in Rochester, I went to Natural Oasis Cafe in downtown Rochester. Natural Oasis is an all-vegan Ethiopian buffet in a small herb shop.

I immediately felt comfortable when I walked in and enjoyed the atmosphere of the small shop. I grabbed a little bit of everything from the buffet and loved every single bit of it. My favorites were probably the vegetables (top), kale (top right-ish), and the rice and lentils mixed together. The beets were good but not amazing, and I was a little iffy on the injera (roll thing on left) since I had never had it before and didn’t expect the vinegary taste. I also got a small bowl of the pureed vegetable soup, which was fantastically flavored.

Overall, I would give Natural Oasis Cafe a 4/5 for having great food and an all-vegan cafe.

The buffet
The cafe looking into the herb shop

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