The King and I in Rochester, New York

I arrived in Rochester at 7 pm after a long day of traveling (my first plane had departed at 9 am) and went straight to my hotel to get organized and freshen up. By the time I got back to my hotel and had gotten settled it was around 9 pm and most of the restaurants I had picked out closed at 10. Not knowing how far I was from the center of town I decided to go to a Thai place called The King and I, the restaurant that was closest to me. So I called a cab and popped over there.

When I got in I was impressed by the really clean and nice decor. Often when I take a chance on a Thai or Chinese place I am a bit on edge the entire time (sticky tables…dirty silverware…cracked plates…ick), but in The King and I, I was very comfortable. The King and I has an entire vegetarian (actually all vegan) section on their menu with eleven dishes. All of which looked amazing, so I ended up just ordering what the waiter told me was his favorite–the Phat Thai Vegetable. I was again impressed with the speed of the service when my dish came to me in less than ten minutes.

Apparently most people like to eat their noodles with rice? I had never seen a noodle dish served with rice before, but wasn’t complaining. I was super happy to see a ton of vegetables mixed in with my noodles. The only other pad Thai I have eaten since going vegan was one from the Loving Hut and it was pretty much just noodles and faux shrimp with what was almost like a peanut butter sauce that made everything stick together in a big clump. This was totally different and I LOVED it. Honestly, it was amazing. I ended up putting not only the lime juice, but both the red sauce (spicy) and green sauce (almost like a salsa verde, but more tart) on it (again, at the waiter’s suggestion) and it turned into the perfect blend of taste, heat, and everything lovely. Another thing that was so cool about it was the way the tofu was fried. I have never had anything like it–it was like after it was fried the inside collapsed so that the tofu chunks were little…sacks. lol.

In the end, I would give The King and I a big 5/5. Their food was amazing, the restaurant clean and comfortable, and their prices very reasonable.


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