The Owl House in Rochester, New York

On my first full day in Rochester I decided to go to The Owl House for lunch. It was by far the place I was the most excited to go to since they boast a large and unique menu where everything can be veganized. Honestly, I think if I had a few more days I would have started eating all of my meals there. There are so many things I still want to try and I want to bring Ben there SO MUCH.

The Owl House is located in a semi-residential neighborhood in what really looks like a regular house except for the sign outside. It’s between two apartment buildings on kind of a random street in downtown Rochester.

I opted to sit outside since it was such a fantastic day and really enjoyed it. They had a cute little patio with plants and things all around and there were little birds flitting around (that I ended up feeding probably a quarter of my sandwich bread to :P).

For my appetizer, I got the Cigarillos at the waiter’s suggestion (veganized). They were AMAZING, and SO fatty :). Basically they consisted of buffalo spiced seitan and Daiya mozzarella wrapped in a flour tortilla and then deep fried, server with roasted garlic vegenaise. Holy mama. Garlic vegenaise as a condiment? HELL YES.

For my main dish, I got the Saigon sandwich at the waiter’s recommendation. All of the sandwiches looked so amazing I really couldn’t have chosen on my own, and I was even thinking about getting the vegan Caesar salad since I haven’t had a Caesar salad in quite a few years. But, I was very happy with my Saigon. It consisted of smoked tofu, pickled cucumber and carrot slices, baby arugula (I love the bitterness of arugula!), cilantro-lime marmalade (amazing, and had quite a few onions in it as well), and roasted garlic vegenaise (yum, again) on toasted baguette. It was served with your choice of chips or a spring salad that was very lightly coated with some kind of oil and vinegar dressing. This sandwich was seriously fantastic. The flavors melded so well, I have never had such a great sandwich. I loved the bread too, perfectly toasted and not too crunchy. Yum.

For dessert, I got the chocolate mousse, which was a cocoa-avocado puree, topped with thin slices of pear, apple and banana, and cacao nibs. Mmmm!

Overall, I would give The Owl House a 5/5. They have a ton of vegan options and they really know how to mix flavors.


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