Sticky Lips Pit BBQ in Rochester, New York

Sticky Lips Pit BBQ is the one place I ate in Rochester that I was actually really disappointed with. I assumed they would have at least ONE vegan thing or one thing that could be veganized because they had multiple vegetarian items on their menu.

Unfortunately when I got there, after talking to the kitchen manager, I found out that nothing on the menu was vegan since everything had either butter or eggs in it and couldn’t be taken out (the veggies were pre-sauteed in butter and the faux meat was a mix that had eggs). If I had a car I probably would have just left right then and returned to The Owl House. But I knew calling a taxi to come get me would be at least half an hour and I was hungry.

So after really talking it through with the kitchen manager, I determined that I could get the tofu steak with just BBQ sauce and no grilled vegetables and a side of french fries. He seemed to know exactly what veganism was and assured me that there was no dairy products in the fries, the BBQ sauce, or the tofu.

I got my meal very quickly, but it was small and plain. Basically all it was was a large block of tofu grilled on the grill on one side with BBQ sauce on it and a side of fries. After talking to the waiter I found out the fries weren’t even freshly made but came out of a box, pre-frozen and pre-oiled.

Near the end of my meal I decided to check out the BBQ sauce just out of curiosity to see what kinds of nastiness I was putting in my body. I knew nearly all BBQ sauces had HFCS in them so I just wanted to see if my suspicions were confirmed. It was worse than I thought. Not only did the BBQ sauce have corn syrup in it, it also had honey and WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. For those of you that don’t know, Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it. But, because on the ingredient list it only said Worcestershire, I am sure no one thought twice about it NOT even being VEGETARIAN. One the MENU it said it was VEGETARIAN!

So it was pretty disappointing all around. I think the only thing on their menu that is vegan are the fries, and I think probably only two things are vegetarian. What a joke. The deco was pretty cool and I did like the atmosphere, but I was severely disappointed with the food and the integrity of the restaurant. Plus, they charged me $10 for a slab of tofu and some french fries. Whatever. I ended up going to John’s Tex Mex about an hour afterward to get some real food. 0/5 stars for lying about things being vegetarian and for only having fries as a vegan option.


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