Wedding Menu

Our wedding is less than two weeks away! Ben and I are getting pretty excited to see everyone and to have the entire week to spend with family and friends. AND, duh, we are excited for the wedding itself! Oh, and of course, the FOOD. This post is all about the food. To save money, Ben and I decided to make everything ourselves or ask family members to help. The only thing that will be made by someone else are the chocolate covered almonds and the cupcakes, which we are getting from City Cakes. It’s going to be a crazy week of cooking!

Ceremony Luncheon
Veggie sandwiches
PB and J sandwiches (for the kids)
Green salad
Fruit salad
Chips and Salsa
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting
Sparkling juice

Reception Dessert Buffet
Chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting
Vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting
Orange poppyseed cupcakes with raspberry butter cream frosting
Chocolate covered almonds
Lemon and lime water

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