Cooking Like Crazy

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that Ben and I decided to make all of the food for the wedding ourselves. But, when I say ourselves I really mean with enormous help from our family and friends. But! Everything was homemade, whether by Ben and I, my mom, or Ben’s mom. It was truly an amazing task and we completed it fantastically.

Here is a link to a menu of all of the food we were making. Though the wedding wasn’t huge, it was still quite a bit of food. For the wedding luncheon we made food for 60 people and for the reception we tried to aim for around 300 (with people getting multiples of everything). One lifesaver for making baked goods for that volume of people was a friend of my mom’s who had two convection ovens in her kitchen. She let us come over and we got through like 500 cookies in about three hours. Awesome.

I think some people would have been stressed out, but since cooking is what Ben and I love to do it was actually quite enjoyable. We had also tested almost all of the recipes beforehand, so there was only one fiasco that really wasn’t too big of a deal.

The one fiasco was when Ben and I were doing the chocolate cakes last-minute the night before the wedding. Neither Ben or I had made chocolate frosting before and we finally made our first batch around 8 pm the night before the wedding. I trusted the recipe since it was from the cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, but it was AWFUL. It was terribly grainy and runny. We had made a quadruple batch so were completely out of ingredients and Ben had to run to Good Earth right before they closed to grab things and try to make a tasty frosting by looking up ideas on the internet. In the end, the frosting Ben made was fabulous and he saved the day!

Here are some photos of our cooking team throughout the week. Unfortunately, I won’t have good pictures of any of the finished products until our professional photographer finishes developing our photos. But I asked him specifically to get great photos of the food, so they promise to be fantastic! Some people at the reception did snap a few, though, so I included those at the end.

By the way, by the end of the week I was so sick from all the taste testing! Had to have a couple of everything 🙂

The cooking team!
The mess
My mom making cookies
Ben’s mom making cookies
Ben making cake balls
Lunch sandwiches from Kneaders (we treated everyone to lunch as a thank you on one of the days)
My mom bagging cookies
Ben coating chocolate cake balls
My brother, Ryan, coating vanilla cake balls
Me coating vanilla cake balls
My mom drizzling white chocolate-coated cake balls with dark chocolate
My mom making rice crispies
My mom making blondies
My grandma and aunt Julie helping my mom out
My mom, grandma, and aunt Julie cutting fruit
My aunt Julie, grandma, mom, and sister Rachel making label cards for the food
The spread
Poppy seed cupcakes with raspberry butter cream frosting from City Cakes
Vanilla cupcakes with white butter cream frosting from City Cakes and blondies in the background.
Vanilla white chocolate-coated cake balls drizzled with dark chocolate frosting

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