The 4th of July

I am well aware that it is now the 17th and I am WAY behind on posting about this–but, seriously, give me a break! Planning a wedding, going on a short honeymoon, AND a huge project at work due this Friday… it’s been busy!

ANYWAY. For the 4th we went up to Ben’s sister’s house for a BBQ and pool time. Since I’m not a huge chlorine fan I didn’t go in, (that’s why there are no pictures of me being awesome in the pool) and chose to read poolside instead.

The BBQ was a bring-your-own-meat-sides-provided-type deal, so Ben and I brought some sprouted whole-wheat buns, Tofurkey Italian sausages, ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut. So we ate those and Ben’s sister Meaghan’s vegan potato salad, which was pretty good. Here’s what my plate looked like:

Since we had been practicing the last few recipes for the reception, we also decided to bring a big batch of our newly-perfected chocolate chip cookies for everyone.

They were a pretty big hit!

Food aside, here are some pictures of Ben doing his favorite thing–ruining otherwise good photos of us.

My favorite of his expressions is the top right.

And here are some of people doing cool things in the pool.

Ben’s sister, Emily
Surprise towel-off photo

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