The Week of the Wedding–A Week with Family

Even though our wedding wasn’t until Friday, I took the entire week of the wedding off to hang out with family and to cook all the food for the wedding and reception (post on this to come!). It was pretty exciting because for the first time since Ben and I have been together all of his family came to Utah. We did have a family reunion last year down in California where I met everyone, but it was awesome to have everyone here. Ben’s sister and her family drove up from California and Ben’s dad and cousin flew down from Canada. It was also cool because a lot of my family was in town from all over the U.S., including people I haven’t seen in years.

So between making batches of various things, we planned some fun events to hang out with everyone. Below are some posts about some of the actives we did. I decided to break them up so this post isn’t insanely long.

A Sunday at Discovery Park
The 4th of July
Cooking like crazy

Besides those things, we also took Ben’s dad and my parents out to Vertical Diner for Ben’s dad’s first vegan meal ever. The food was amazing (as usual) and the company was awesome. Quite a success!

Us and Ben’s dad
Ben’s dad and my parents

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