A Weekend "Honeymoon" Retreat in Park City

So I say “honeymoon” because Ben and I are planning a real honeymoon to somewhere exotic sometime this winter (need to replenish the funds after the wedding!). Anyway, one of Ben’s friend’s parent’s gave us a two-night stay at their condo in Park City as a wedding gift, so we had a short little getaway last weekend. It was actually really nice and very relaxing.

Our room
The kitchen
The living room

We headed up Friday afternoon and dropped by Omar’s Rawtopia for take-out to eat for dinner. We also got some shakes to drink on the way (heaven!). We got up there and checked into the condo and then headed out to see Forks Over Knives! Amazingly enough, that just happened to be the day it was premiering in Utah on its way across the United States. The movie was even better than I thought it would be and I am now dedicated to buying as many copies as possible and giving them to everyone I know. Seriously, it will change your life.

Ben waiting for Forks Over Knives to start

The next day we woke up and had breakfast at FairWeather Natural Foods before heading to an early showing of the newest Harry Potter. After that we went to Squatters for lunch and then to historic main street for some strolling.

Me and THE CUTEST bronze pig statue
Ben and a cute-ish bear statue
A Banksy! I had no idea there were any in Park City (it is new, as of the last Sundance film festival). This is the first one I’ve ever seen! I was just strolling by and noticed it in an alley.

After strolling, we went to Cafe Trang for dinner, which was terrible. I felt gross all night and into the next morning (restaurant reviews of all of these places to come). The next morning we got up and grabbed breakfast at Whole Foods before heading home. Overall it was so great to spend two days dedicated to spending time with Ben. Most of the food we ate was awesome, and of course it’s always nice to get away.


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